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If you own, or are contemplating buying, a classic motor vehicle with the intention of placing it on Historic Registration, here is some basic information.


Following these procedures will avoid confusion, misunderstanding and possible disappointment.

Here are some valuable sources of information to get you interested;

The updated [as of 1st July 2017] “Code of Practice” book, which is available to Authorized Officers of Recognized Clubs, is very in-depth. You can view or download your own copy at (Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc.) Another website which may come in handy is: (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.)


A 90 day conditional registration Scheme for Historic and left Hand Drive and Street Rod Vehicles effictive from the 1st July 2017.

 Conditions of Use of Scheme Vehicles – Duties of Vehicle Owners 3.5 In accordance with the Regulations and this Code, the owners of vehicles must abide by the following conditions when operating Scheme registered vehicles. They must: • maintain a financial membership of a recognised motor vehicle club at all times; • not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area more than 90 days in each period of 12 months registration; • not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area unless they have completed the nominated journey in the log book (the log book must be in the format approved by the Registrar for the Scheme) prior to commencement of the journey; • carry the conditionally registered vehicle’s log book in the vehicle while driving on a road or road related area and produce the log book for inspection on request made by a police officer or authorised officer under the Act; • not drive, or allow anyone else to drive, the conditionally registered vehicle on the road for fee, hire or reward; • not drive the conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area if it does not comply with this Code; • not have more than one current log book for any vehicle; • while driving on the road or road related area, carry the appropriate vehicle exemption documentation that permits the registration and use of a historic (where applicable), left hand drive or street rod vehicle on roadways; • present their vehicle/s for an inspection upon the request of the club or the Registrar; • cancel the conditional registration of the vehicle when a change of ownership of a conditionally registered vehicle occurs or when they are no longer a financial member of a club. The log book issued for the vehicles must be returned to the issuing club for cancellation.

Vehicle Owners’ Log Book Requirements, Maintaining Club Membership & Other Conditions 3.6 Vehicle owners must ensure records for each journey undertaken in a conditionally registered vehicle are listed in the log book issued by the recognised motor vehicle club. The date of the journey and a brief description of the journey must be recorded before each journey commences. The driver must also sign the book (next to the particulars of use) before each journey commences. 3.7 A journey for the purposes of log book recording may consist of one or more separate trips. However a journey that commences at 10.00pm on a particular day and finishes at 2:00am the next day constitutes two calendar days, as each day commences at midnight. Consequently, two separate days use must be recorded in the log book. 3.8 A ‘journey’ for the purposes of the Scheme does not include driving the vehicle for short distances (within 500 metres) for the purpose of relocating the vehicle from one part of a property to another, or enabling another vehicle to gain access to a road or property. This is provided that the Registrar endorsed an extension condition on the vehicle’s certificate of registration. 3.9 Vehicle owners who change membership from one recognised motor vehicle club to another, must return the log book issued in respect of the vehicle to the issuing club. A new MR334 Scheme application form must be issued by the new club’s authorised person before a new log book can be issued by the new club. 3.10 If a vehicle owner ceases to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club at any time during which the vehicle is registered, the vehicle owner must not drive the vehicle or allow any other person to drive the vehicle until such time that the vehicle owner is again a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club or has taken out standard registration. Penalties for Failing to Comply with a Condition of Registration 3.11 There are penalties for vehicle owners failing to comply with the conditions of use of the vehicles as set out in regulations 15 and 16 of the Regulations for this type of registration. Pursuant to section 41(2a) of the Act: ‘A person must not contravene or fail to comply with a condition of registration of a motor vehicle under section 25.’ A maximum penalty of $750 applies for this offence. 3.12 In addition, pursuant to section 41(3) of the Act, if a person has been convicted of an offence under the section, the Court may order that the person pay the Registrar the monetary difference between the restricted registration fees paid and the registration fee that ought to have been payable if restricted registration did not apply.

Use of Conditionally Registered Vehicles outside South Australia 4.5 A conditionally registered historic, left hand drive or street rod vehicle may be driven in another State or Territory, provided: • the vehicle is garaged in South Australia; • the vehicle is in the other State or Territory for the purpose of temporary use; • all Scheme conditions are adhered to. 4.6 It is the driver’s responsibility to check the requirements of the interstate jurisdiction in which they will be travelling prior to undertaking the journey. Renewal of Registration, No Transfer 4.7 An invitation to renew the registration of a conditionally registered vehicle will generally be forwarded to the registered owner, ordinarily five to six weeks prior to the registration expiry date. 4.8 An application to renew the registration will not require further approval from the recognised motor vehicle club. However, the applicant/owner must continue to be a fiUse of conditional registration. Where a change of ownership occurs, the applicant/owner must continue to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club and, once the renewal is paid, ensure that the current period of registration is entered in the log book. 4.9 The conditional registration of a historic, LHD or Street Rod vehicle may be renewed for 1, 2 or 3 years, at the option of the applicant. 4.10 The registration of a conditionally registered vehicle cannot be transferred to another owner, even if the new owner is also eligible for conditional registration. Where a change of ownership occurs, registration will be cancelled. The log book issued in respect of the vehicle must be cancelled by the issuing club. 4.11 The registered owner of a conditionally registered vehicle may apply to cancel the registration at any time. The log book issued in respect of the vehicle must be cancelled by the issuing club.

Vehicle Identity Inspections by the Department 4.12 If it cannot be established that a particular vehicle has been previously registered in South Australia, the vehicle must undergo an identity inspection. This will be undertaken by the Department if the vehicle is garaged in the metropolitan area or by South Australia Police if the vehicle is garaged in a country region. A ‘Vehicle identity inspection report’ (MR29) will be issued. 4.13 All vehicles imported from overseas will require an inspection by the Department prior to the vehicle being registered in South Australia. 4.14 Where an inspection for an imported or modified vehicle is required, contact the Department’s Vehicle Standards division (1300 882 248) to ascertain the requirements for the vehicle prior to booking an inspection. An application may need to be submitted and approval given prior to the inspection. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. Note: A fee is payable for the inspections.


  1. You and I will most likely be petrol heads and [thankfully] not Lawyers! How you perceive or interpret a clause, statement or sub-section may not necessarily be how Transport SA view the legal wording. If in any doubt, please contact this clubs H.R.S. Officers.
  2. In regard to Part A: PLEASE DO NOT RING TRANSPORT SA FOR CLARIFICATION! Both you, us, and the Federation will get hammered! In the first instance, ring us guys, and if that fails, contact the F.H.M.C.SA. Inc. for their opinion.
  3. Please note that there are now three categories within the H.R.S. system. 1} Historic Vehicles. 2} Prescribed Left Hand Drive Historic Vehicles.3} Street Rod Vehicles. #3 is a new addition to the Scheme. However, the B.V.F.C.Inc. has registered NOT to incorporate #3. This particular option will be taken up by our good friends and partners – the “Valley Rodders Inc”. We can supply contact details if you are interested.
  4. Be aware of the process involved with Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles going onto the H.R.S. ALL L.H.D. vehicles (even if previously registered interstate), MUST BE CHECKED BY TRANSPORT S.A. - THAT MEANS GOING OVER THE PITS. Once cleared O.K., you must provide us with a copy of the Certificate of Exemption for a L.H.D. vehicle. Unfortunately, imported vehicles ARE NOT subject to ANY form of variation to O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and Regency Park can sometimes be difficult and costly to deal with!


  • Use the internet for specific information on your type of vehicle.
  • Ask fellow classic car enthusiasts for any information.
  • Seek information from your local mechanic who services the family car.
  • Try to obtain a workshop manual for your particular vehicle.
  • Attend some car shows that feature your type of vehicle and ask questions.
  • Talk to your nearest Dealer who sells your particular brand.
  • If all else fails, ring one of our Authorized Officers. 


BEFORE any vehicle can be passed for H. R., you MUST be a FINANCIAL MEMBER of a Recognized Motoring Club. The Barossa Valley Ford Club Inc., is a R.M.C. Subscription fees are set for single membership or as a family unit and operate on a pro-rata system. Please contact us for current rates. Now you can contact the H. R. Officers to organize a time for the inspection of your vehicle. Please give yourself some time options as we may have other commitments as to what may suit you.

Please note that all vehicles must have a set of rego plates, either current or held by Transport S.A., prior to your inspection. Your vehicle is inspected and when passed, an MR 334 form is issued, along with your Log Book. Your H. R. S. officers will explain the Log Book operational system. There is a small FEE for inspection and issuing of a Log Book.

Take your MR 334 form, club membership card, licence, [copy of L. H. D. Exemption Form if applicable], etc, etc, to Transport S.A. and register your vehicle. Do not drive your vehicle until it is registered.





  1. Your Log Book must be sighted and stamped each year just prior to the expiration date. There is a small fee for Log Book stamping and inspection and it pertains to every vehicle. 
  2. If you sell or dispose of your vehicle within this time, you MUST inform the H. R. Officers and return your Log Book within 14 days to be stamped ‘Cancelled’. LOG BOOKS AND HISTORIC REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE BETWEEN VEHICLES AND / OR CLUBS.The new owner must not drive the vehicle after the date of sale and will need to Apply For Historic Registration as above.
  3. The H. R. S. has many other benefits, such as discounted Comprehensive Insurance, etc.
  4. The H. R. Officers of this Club: DO NOT MAKE THE RULES, WE JUST ABIDE BY THEM!


Your vehicle will be deemed “Unregistered and Uninsured if:

  1. You are not a current financial member of the B. V. F. C. Inc.
  2. Your Log Book has not been sighted and stamped for the current financial year.
  3. You have not filled in your Lob Book for the appropriate day of use, or, the entry is in pencil.
  4. Your Log Book is filled out correctly but not in the vehicle at the time.
  5. Your Transport SA rego has expired.


The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs S. A. has endeavored to provide a safe and affordable alternative to those people wishing to retain and enjoy classic motoring. The Historic Integrity of any vehicle is of the utmost importance. HOWEVER, under certain circumstances, dispensation, changes or alternatives of some OEM specifications have been ratified. In consultation with F.H.M.C.S.A., Transport S.A., Road Safety Council of S.A., S.A. Police and Insurance Companies, etc, a [“SAMPLE ONLY”] dispensation may include early VW’s with 6 volt electrics having the option to install a 12 volt system. For obvious safety reasons, head, tail, brake and indicator light illumination is greatly improved. Your H. R. Officers will inform members IF and WHEN such changes occur. Alternatively, you may wish to visit  or this web site which will tell you which vehicles have been allocated variations and the system updates whenever a new variation has been added.

Please refer back to the Code and the words in “Eligibility Criteria”, especially “spirit of the period of when the vehicle was manufactured”. Fair wear and tear for the age is acceptable, however, it is also expected that a fair and reasonable amount of repair and maintenance has accompanied the vehicle. We are not here to complete a road worthiness check on your vehicle, but rather to interpret its Historic Integrity. The Authorized Persons in this club are acting on behalf of the Barossa Valley Ford Club Inc., and as such, the Integrity of the Barossa Valley Ford Club Inc., is also at stake.For example, do not expect this club to pass an early model Falcon that has no hub caps, excessive rust in the sills and dents every where. Perhaps even a later model Falcon with a real good body but, has 10’ x 12 slots, a set of racing seats and side pipes?? This type of registration is NOT designed to give cheap rego for your old work hack but rather to give the genuine enthusiast a chance to enjoy some occasional classic motoring.
The longevity of this ‘scheme’ will depend on Authorized Persons of all recognized car clubs and their members to ‘do the right thing’.

Enjoy your historic motoring!


DISCLAIMER * The Barossa Valley Ford Club endeavours to keep this page as up to date as possible. This information is correct as at 1st July 2017.

If you are interested in applying for historical registration it is recommended that you visit the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website and speak with the club's historical reps to ensure you have the correct information and paperwork before applying.


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